Front door types

The front door of a home should be secure and it should be visually appealing at the same time. The front door needs to have curb appeal while making sure everyone in the home is safe. The doors can also give the home a distinctive look. These are some types of front doors that a person can expect to see in a home.
               Single Door
               This is one of the most common types of front doors found in a home.  These doors will open from the left or the right depending on what a person is looking for. They come in many different colors and styles. A person can choose to get a front door with glass windows on the top, middle, or throughout. The door can be solid wood, metal, or other materials. These doors are standard but they can be easily customized to give a person the look that they want.
               Double Doors
               These doors will help make the entrance wider. Instead of one door, there are two doors and in most cases, they open in the center. This will give the home a classy look. The doors can also be customized in different colors and designs.
               Glass Doors
               Glass doors will give the home a great look. The door can be seen through glass or it can be frosted glass. The frosted glass will give the home a great look and it will add some privacy. These doors are elegant and classy. A person does have to be careful with these doors as glass is more delicate than other materials.
               These are some common types of front doors. The front door can give the home a unique look so it is important that a person finds a door that will fit the home and the mood they are looking to achieve.